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Webinar: The Perfectionistic Therapist with Rikke Kjelgaard

Cocktails & Courageous Conversations – A free webinar with Jennifer Kemp & Rikke Kjelgaard

Rikke Kjelgaard is a force of nature. Psychologist, author, public speaker, chief changemaker, and passionate ACT trainer, Rikke teaches mental health practitioners how to grow their professional skills and personal lives using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Recorded with a live audience, in this episode of Rikke’s series “Cocktails & Courageous Conversations”, Rikke and Jennifer have a brave conversation about what it’s like to be perfectionistic as a therapist and explore the insecurities most of us carry in our professional lives.

‘Cocktails are optional. Courage is guaranteed.’

You can access this free webinar here.