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Podcast: Perfectionism and self-care as a therapist

Welcome to Self – A new podcast exploring perfectionism and self-care in therapists with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn

Dr. Hayley Quinn is a Brisbane-based Clinical Psychologist with a special focus on ‘caring for the human in the therapist chair’. In addition to offering individual and group supervision, Hayley creates a series of fascinating podcasts that explore what it means to be this human, and how we can care for ourselves while caring for others. I was thrilled that she invited me to be on her podcast. You can access the podcast here. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording this.

Watch a short preview here

About Jennifer Kemp MPsych(Clinical)

Jennifer is a Clinical Psychologist who works with clients who are struggling with perfectionism and the mental health problems perfectionism facilitates and maintains. Jennifer integrates ACT, behaviour analysis, exposure and Compassion-Focused Therapy approaches in her therapeutic and consultation work. Jennifer presents internationally on the topic of perfectionism and is available for public speaking, conferences, and workshops.